Evaluation of Languages and Libraries

When: Winter semester 2018-19

Contact: Prof. Paolo Bientinesi


This seminar is ideal for students who enjoy coding. Given a specific task (assigned in the first meeting), every student will adopt one language/library to implement possible solutions. Collectively, we will then evaluate the programmability and the performance of the different tools.
This semester, we will investigate some of the following: Julia, R, Clojure, Emacs Lisp, Scala, Rust, Ruby --your suggestion here--.

Every student has to code, give a presentation, and write a report.


  • Enjoy programming

Seminar rules

  • Attendance is mandatory
  • Grade:
    • 45% code
    • 35% presentation, Q&A
    • 20% report


  • Start: Wednesday 10 October, 5.15pm
  • Where: Rogowski 115, AICES seminar room, Schinkelstrasse 2
  • When: Wednesdays, 5.15pm.


  • Wednesday 10, 5:15pm Topic assignment


  • "HOWTO: Presentations", by P. Bientinesi [PDF]
  • Report: [template]