Topics in Computer Music

When: Summer semester 2017

CAMPUS #: 17ss-50166

Contact: Prof. Paolo Bientinesi


This seminar is well suited for motivated students who are passionate about both music and computers. Ideally, you want to work on a MS thesis in computer music.

All the topics are concerned with the algorithmic/automatic solution of a music-related problem.
E.g.: identification of a musical composer, generation of music, simulation of an acoustic environment, ...

Every student gives a presentation and writes a report on the assigned topic. The presentation must contain music.


  • Reasonable knowledge of the fundamentals of music
  • Good command of algorithms & complexity
  • Familiarity with multiple programming languages
  • Strong mathematical background

Seminar rules

  • Attendance is mandatory
  • Grade:
    • 70% presentation, Q&A
    • 30% report


  • MR: Music Recommendation
  • GC: Genre and Subgenre Classification
  • MI: Mood Identification
  • FE: Feature Extraction
  • AM: Automatic Mixing
  • MA: Music Analysis
  • ...


  • Start: Wednesday, April 19, 5.15pm
  • Where: Rogowski 115, AICES seminar room, Schinkelstrasse 2


  • Wednesday, 19.04 Topic assignment


  • Links
  • Guidelines
  • "HOWTO: Presentations", by P. Bientinesi [PDF]
  • Report: ...